Europe 2016

With our wedding day in the books, the next part of married life would be the illustrious "Honeymoon".  So we packed our bags and left on a jet plane. The plan: travel abroad, stopping in London, Glasgow, Paris, Rome, Split, and Amsterdam for the next month.

Mexico - The Artsy Collection

With the whole week spending quality time with friends and family and in addition to soaking the sun at the pool, I never got a chance to explore much of the resort.  But here are a couple snap shots of what I was able to capture of Moon Palace and the island of Isla Mujeres.  Mexico will always be a special place for Frances and myself and it will definitely be a place we both would love to go back to. 

Cancun, Mexico

It's been awhile since I posted on the blog.  The last few months have been quite busy as I’ve had literally one thing on my mind, plan a wedding!  Frances and I decided to host a destination wedding in Cancun, Mexico.  Having never been to Mexico, we were definitely excited.  We choose the Moon Palace Golf & Spa Resort for a number of reason, one it had a golf course (for both our parents) and two we wanted to have a Catholic wedding in a chapel, which pretty much narrowed it down to Moon Palace.

Although hosting a destination wedding is never easy, we were happy to have roughly 60 of our friends and family come along for the ride.  Here are few highlights from our amazing vacation, no wedding photos yet, those will be coming soon...

Group Airport Photo

Group Airport Photo

Welcome Cocktails & Appitizers

Welcome Cocktails & Appitizers

Family Photo

Family Photo


West Coast Trail 2015

One of the most popular hikes in western Canada would have to be The West Coast Trail.  Located on Vancouver Island, the trail is a 75 kilometer stretch where hikers can explore the temperate rain forest, sandy beaches, Canadian wildlife, and historical shipwrecks. Here’s we’ve documented our 6 day journey through the WCT.

Arriba, Abajo, Al Centro, Adentro!

Last May, Frances and I traveled to Peru for 25 days.  It was definitely a life changing experience.  So since it's been a year, we decided to integrate and re-edit our old Peru blog to this site.  Let's call this post the "Peru Remastered Edition"

Made in Montana

These photo's pretty much show a unique side from our trip.  What I enjoyed a lot about this year's Whitefish trip is it wasn't just about the skiing, but the unique experiences and people we encountered in town.  For the first time we were able to embrace the “Whitefish Winter Carnaval.” The festivities happened between February 6-8 with this year's theme honouring the veterans.  It was inspiring talking to some of the locals,  each had a unique story to tell. You would see the tremendous pride they have for their country and for the people that serve in the military.  We even met one proud local that had a “Made in Montana” tattoo and wasn’t afraid to show it!



With the rain pouring and lack luster ski conditions forecasted during the rest of our stay, we made most of it chilling indoors and exploring what the rest of Whitefish had to offer.  Luckily for us, the Whitefish Winter Carnival was happening that same weekend, which allowed us to celebrate this annual festival with many of the locals & tourists.



Last weekend a group of friends and I crossed the border down to Whitefish, Montana for our annual ski trip.  I've been to Whitefish for the past 8 years and the snow has always been spectacular.  Unfortunately the forecast called for rain that weekend.  Despite the drizzle of rain, we were able to strap on the ski gear and hit the slopes for the day.  The conditions were wet and slushy for sure, but that didn't stop us from hitting a few jumps and exploring the mountain.