Countdown to End Julian's 20s

The end of a decade is always a big deal, it's an even bigger deal if it's the end of your twenties. So to commemorate this joyous occasion, I decided to give him 30 presents, leaving him one present a day, ranging from complete usefulness to not at all. 

In a nutshell, here's what I ended up getting for Julian:

1.   Old person card

2. Batman signal.... in case Gotham needs saving

3. Uno cards

4.  Sphere ice moulds

5. Mason jar and airplane bottle of Patron

6. Travel size toiletries

7.  Apple gift card

8. Funky socks

9. Scratch cards

10. Chilsner

11. Case of beer

12. Aladdin tea mug

13. Deville Gift Card

14. Nerf Guns

15.  DC Heroes and Villains information 

16. Fun Notepads 

17. Sax Underwear


18. Movie Gift Certificate

19. Vintage camera #1

20. Homemade apple cider kit


21.  Bottle of Poo pouri

22. Feet warmers

23. Wildorse Brewery tour and tasting

24. Live Out There gift card

25. Fondue set

26.  Creme eggs 

28.  Car wash 

27. Vintage camera #2

29.  30th bday balloons


30. Cake  


I tried to keep it as practical and as affordable as I can but some, like the beer tasting, I had to splurge a little bit because I wanted to go too. Wasn't gonna let Julian have all the fun by himself and that would be kinda sad to send him off by himself. I had fun planning and leaving him presents everyday but maybe for his 40th I will just buy a bag of chocolates and leave him a piece of chocolate a day....