Wasootch Peak

Our friend Pat was back in town for the May long weekend and to celebrate his birthday. Part of the bday festivities included hitting up the mountains and hiking a trail for the day. The trail that Pat choose was Wasootch Peak in beautiful Kananaskis, Alberta.  According to various hiking websites, it is suppose to be an "easy" hike .  The only real risk was, as many seasoned campers may know, the May long weekend usually means snow, rain, or the unexpected!  This hike was planned weeks in advance, so we were all praying for sunny weather.  Unfortunately the forecast called for rain, so we kind of knew what we were getting ourselves into, well we thought we did...


The actual trail wasn't bad at all, but the rainy conditions and the breezy weather didn't make the hike as enjoyable as we hoped.  Clearly everyone isn't a big fan of the rain....

.... but after a hard fought journey and assurance that we'd reach the top in 10 mins after every 5 mins (it turned out to be 20 or 30 mins) we finally made it to the top!  Well half of us did, some of us had to turn back, especially when some of them saw snow.  But hey, could you blame them? Everyone was soaking wet and snow wasn't going to make it easier.  So what was my motivation?  I was looking forward to eating my Jelly Belly's when I got to the top, haha.

So since it was Pat's birthday, Jeff couldn't resist playing a nostalgic game from our university days - "Bro's Icing Bro's" which basically meant Pat had to chug a bottle of Smirinoff Ice.

After all that rain, snow, and cursing,  we definitely needed to celebrate reaching the top with a classic group photo.  Although, Pat looks a little uncomfortable.