Where Gladiators Are Born

Day 3 in Rome kicked off with a tour of the Colosseum.  This amphitheater is one of Rome's more iconic attractions standing out among Rome's buildings.  Walking through the arena, it's easy to appreciate the architecture and history behind the Colosseum.  Included with your ticket is a free entrance to the Roman Forum just steps away showcasing the ruins and what was the center of Rome.

Another landmark worth seeing is the Pyramid of Cestius.  There’s a lot of Egyptian influence in Rome such as the obelisks, but this is the only standing Egyptian Pyramid in Europe.

On a recommendation from another tourist, we decided to check out the neighborhood of Trastevere.  An area known for its lively nightlife, with bars and restaurants flooding the streets and alleyways.  So there’s no shortage of places to go for a drink or a bite to eat.  Instead of pizza or pasta, we opted for something different.  We found a place called the Fish Market, which the name suggests, served fresh seafood.  This restaurant is a bit hidden so the patio area was a bit more private, which we didn’t mind.  

Along the Tiber River, the neighborhood also hosted a summer long night festival (Lungo Il Tevere) full of local vendors stalls, outdoor theaters, and patios to quench your thirst.