Take Me to Church

With the Louvre, Eiffel Tower, and Arc de Triumph checked off, the only thing left to visit was the illustrious Notre Dame. Similar to the Louvre, we decided to hit the famous cathedral bright and early to avoid the mass crowds, we were even lucky enough to attend a private mass just by talking to the one of the organizers. It was a highlight since it's such a famous church. Once we took in the interior architecture and it's long history, there was still much to explore on the outside with a courtyard in the back and a few cafe's along the street for a break

Blocks away from Notre Dame was Paris' version of the Pantheon.  Although not an exact replica, the building is modeled after the original from Rome. However we opted not to go inside since we were pretty much museum'd out from earlier.  There was a lot of activity in front though, we even saw the tail end of a wedding ceremony. 

Down the street was the Luxembourg Palace and Gardens, home of the French Senate.  Similar to the other gardens in Paris, it's another public area for tourists to explore and enjoy the scenery. As you walk through the garden, it's a perfect place for a picnic or even like every other place in the city, to people watch and admire the scenery.

For the modern architects, we also checked out the Pompidou Centre which houses the public library, the National Musuem of Modern Art, and the Music Centre.  The building is usually known for it's "exposed skeleton" design.

To end off the day (and the trip), we were able to finally taste some classic French desserts at a local patisserie called Gerard Mulot.  This place came highly recommended from a few other Travel Blogs so we couldn't leave Paris without eating a few authentic Parisian macrons.  They even had a Euro Cup flavor to celebrate the festivities!

Le Panthéon National

Luxembourg Gardens

Pompidou Centre

Gerard Mulot Patisserie