The Vatican

With our last day in Rome, we couldn’t leave without visiting Vatican City. With it’s remarkable past, collection of art, and housing the famous Sistine Chapel & St. Peter’s Basilica, we thought the best way to cram all that history in would be a guided tour of the city.   We bought our tickets online through the Vatican’s website and purchased the “Open tour of the Museums and Sistine Chapel”.  The Vatican is well known for its long waits in line, so we didn’t hesitate to attend the first tour of the day at 8:30am.

Having bought our tickets months in advance, we didn't realize that the Pope himself held an outdoor mass every Wednesday morning.  Luckily this worked out to our advantage.  At the same time the majority of the locals and tourists were trying to attend mass, we were beginning our tour of the Museum with smaller than usual attendance.  Our tour guide even mentioned how lucky we all were as normally the halls would be packed like a sardines.

The tour takes you through the Vatican Museum, going through an educational history lesson. By the end, the tour takes you to the Sistine Chapel where you get to admire the famous ceiling painted by Michelangelo, unfortunately we weren't able to take photos inside, but it's definitely a site to see. Once you're done admiring the art, you can make your way to St. Peter's Basilica to admire more of the renaissance architecture and the rest of St. Peter's Square.

With the whole morning behind us, it was about time to grab some grub.  We found a place near the Vatican called La Zanzara. A hidden gem and a perfect place for a couple drink, eats, and a unique atmosphere.  The restaurant looks like a New York bar with a French twist.

For our last night in Rome, we wanted to head back to Trastevere. We were a little more curious to explore more of the charming neighbourhood and the night festival (Lungo Il Tevere).  Our last meal in Rome had us seated next to the river on a patio restaurant called Sora Lina Trattoria, with wine and pasta of course.