Friday Night Fun (Miraflores)

May 2, 2014

On Friday night Julian and I decided we are still young and we agreed to explore the night life in Miraflores. We ended up at the Central Park and there's music, dancing, popcorn and arroz con leche to be had. There were a bunch of people standing around this one area where we heard music and cheering, and like moths to a flame, we instantly decided to check out. There was a choir, a couple of men playing the guitar and at the bottom of the stairs, old couples were dancing. What I found remarkable is that people actually used the park as a gathering space where everyone and any one can participate or just observe.

Sweet old people dancing

After admiring the old people and their enviable dance moves, I can not dance for the life of me, we decided we were ready for some more of this delicious Peruvian cuisine. Unfortunately, neither of us were really hungry so we ended up at Manolos and grabbed some churros and a coffee instead. I would just like to say that these were one of the best damn churros (I do realize that the selection in Calgary is very limited) we have had in our lives. 

We may have been to Manolo's two more times after this....

Once we finished our dessert, we were ready for some appetizers. Actually, we were ready for a bottle of wine, we just needed the food so we don't get too drunk. We made our way to Cafe de Plaza and ordered a bottle of Malbec and their antipesto platter. Needless to say we felt appropriately full and drunk and both wine and appetizer were delicious. 

We also checked out an art gallery featuring a local photographer (unfortunately neither of us can remember his name). Being a budget conscious traveller, I was glad to find out it was free. Anyway, the exhibit was mostly in Spanish and from what information we managed to piece together, he was one of the pioneers of landscape photography in Peru. He has quite a few remarkable photographs, all in black and white, which captured the ever changing landscape of Peru. 
It felt like this was another day spent exploring but it was actually the continuation of our first day. No wonder we toned it down on our second full day!