Ladders! (West Coast Trail 2015 - Day 2)

Day 2 - Sunday August 23, 2015
Route: Camper Bay (KM 62) to Walbran Creek (KM 53)
Distance: 9 km
Start Time: 9:00am

Trail Map - Day 02 Route (in red)

Day one had come and gone and the most difficult part of the hike was in the books, so with that behind us, were anxious yet excited to overcome day two’s set of obstacles.  If you haven't guessed, today would be known as the "ladder" day.  The next 9 km from Camper Bay to Walbran was known for the many ladders along the trail.  So with our bags packed and our legs stretched, we were ready for our first set of ladders leaving Camper Bay and for the numerous more to come.  The trail definitely had its fair share of ladders, which were not easy as at all.  Whether we would be climbing up or going down, a few were a bit daunting but thrilling to climb. Some were even as high as 25-30 stories! Even when we thought it was fairly easy going down a set, we found ourselves climbing roughly the same height up.

After about 4 km of balancing through logs and gripping our hands on hundreds of old wooden rungs, we stopped for a lunch break and found our way to the Cullite Creek campsite.  Although this campsite wasn’t as big as Camper Bay, it was still quite the campsite.  The sun was definitely shining and the ocean front view made it a great rest stop.  Another camper was also kind enough to let us know that there was a pool around the corner.  Once we fueled up on delicious freeze dried meals, we took advantage of the nearby pool to cool off and scrub away the dirt & sweat that accumulated from the hike.  It definitely felt great since the weather was scorching hot that day.  Sadly my waterproof camera had died and couldn’t take any photos at the pool.  

Now that we were rested and cleaned up, we continued our journey to Walbran Creek.  One thing that did stand out would be the suspension bridge at Logan Creek.  It’s definitely a marvelous structure and quite the experience to cross. Apparently Logan Creek used to be a campsite as well, but was succumbed to a mud slide a couple years ago, so the beach is now closed off to hikers.  

After conquering the abundant amount of ladders, we finally reached Walbran Creek.  We found a great spot on the hill right against the shore to park our tents.  The group was a bit worried about the high tide hitting the tents, but it didn’t affect us at all.  This spot also had a couple logs to sit around a fire pit to eat, have a drink, and relax.  Brock’s even been passing the time by carving out a few markings on a hiking stick he found on the trail.  A couple neat markings on the stick would be the “WCT 2015” branding and a tally of how many kilometres we’ve hiked.  We even had the opportunity to watch not one, but two whales just chilling a couple hundred meters away from the beach.

All and all, it was a definitely a fun day and a great way to end it with a campfire literally steps from the ocean...